IC Solutions

"We welcome GDA Technologies, Inc.. into the ‘Ready for IBM Technology' program. IBM Foundry customers who want flexibility and additional choices to meet their requirements need look no further than GDA's design services and development capabilities."

Ned Cahoon,
Manager, Foundry business development. IBM

IP Portfolio

"As a member of the RapidChip Partner IP program, GDA has been a key IP provider to Tier 1 customers. The PCI Express development platform marries LSI Logic's industry-leading series GigaBlaze with GDA's PCI Express controller cores to offer customers an aggressive time-to-market for their products. We are pleased to work with GDA to enable PCI Express technology deployments in RapidChip Platform ASIC designs."

Harmel Sangha,
Director of CoreWare, IP Marketing, LSI Logic.

System / Board Services

"Network equipment vendors are always looking for ways to minimize development time while adding new services. The GDA PCI adapter board, based on our new network processors, will help our customers evaluate and begin the design of IXP23XX network processor-based systems that can support line rates up to 2 Gbps."

Frank Schapfel
Marketing Manager, network processor product line,
Intel (Infrastructure Processor Division)

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