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Mobile Industry Processor Interface abbreviated MIPI is a Mobile Processor Interface standard developed specifically for Mobile and Mobile influenced industry. Application processors, Companion Chips, Modem, RFIC etc in a mobile device are interconnected and MIPI defines standards for every of these interface solutions.

Mobile Ecosystem now expanded from cellular phones to tablets, notebooks, laptops etc., and also influence other portable or consumer devices such as Camera, Smart-Tv, Displays. This growing market demands streamlined standards which enable any electronics chip vendors to seamlessly interface with other Chip in this platforms.

GDA Technologies Inc., are Pioneer's in MIPI interconnect solutions. We are early adopters of MIPI protocols and a Contributor member of MIPI alliance. We cater most of the MIPI controller solutions for Camera, Display, Mobile Storage. We serve the customer to Complete Solution around any of the MIPI Solutions. This includes Controllers, PHY, Hardware Validation Platforms, Drivers, Applications etc.

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