IC Solutions

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, GDA’s IC division provides end-to-end design, implementation, and supply chain management solutions in areas including wireline networking, wireless infrastructure, mobile entertainment and computing, storage, and consumer electronic devices. GDA’s design solutions are applicable to ASIC, FPGA, and Structured ASIC.

GDA has made significant R&D and technology investments towards producing industry-leading re-useable silicon IP portfolio and application platforms along with quality oriented design methodologies and processes. This has enabled our product partners to consistently enjoy first-pass silicon success.

In addition, over the years, GDA has established strong strategic relationships with leading application partners, complimentary IP providers, cutting-edge EDA tool vendors, and semiconductor foundry and manufacturing partners.

The combination of these initiatives has created an ecosystem that our partners rely on to ensure reliable silicon parts production. This has made GDA a reliable IC design house for the full scope of the global semi conductor industry.

Solution Partnership and ODM Program

Offshore Design Center (ODC)

Project management, Processes, and Infrastructure

IC Solutions extends Services for

  • System Level Modeling

    OPNET, Matlab, SystemC, C/C++ modeling for architecture exploration, performance, and functional modeling as well as system and RTL level co-verification.

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  • SoC/ASIC Design

    SoC/ASIC design services for feasibility, algorithm and architecture, IP strategy, specification creation, micro-architecture, logic design and physical implementation.

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  • FPGA/Structured ASIC

    Design and implementation services for production level FPGA/Structured ASIC based solutions targeting mid- and niche volume products as well as verification and validation risk mitigation through prototyping for high volume ASICs

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  • Physical Design & DFT

    Scan, Logic and memory BIST insertion, ATPG vector generation and validation. Complete physical design and verification spanning .25um through 90nm geometries for high performance designs.

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  • Turnkey Logistics Solutions

    Logistic services for foundry interface, packaging, testing, characterization, and high volume production transition

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