Embedded Software Design

We offer a high level of Embedded Software Design Services that address Consumer Hand-Held including PDA, Telecom, Networking, Server Validations, and Defense.

GDA can support Process Architectures from MIPS, X86, PowerPC, Power QUICC, ARM, Intel IXPxxxx, Intel PXAxxx, NetSilicon NS9xxx, and more.

Our expertise can bring your support in the following tasks:

  • Turn-key System level embedded Software projects (Design, Coding, Testing and Maintenance)
  • Driver development for various OS platforms (Windows, WINCE, LINUX, VxWorks, ThreadX, QNX, etc.)
  • Protocol Stacks development, porting and modifications
  • Board Support Packages (BSP) Development
  • Board Level Diagnostics
  • OS Porting & Customization (of open source)
  • GUI and End applications development
  • Customers