RF Design

GDA's RF design group has RF System and Module design capability. We provide solutions for CPE, Base station application with high power Transmitter for Micro and Macro Bases station. The GDA RF team is very familiar with simulation tools like ADS, Microwave Office, and MATLAB used for circuit, momentum and system level simulation. Circuit design using Micro Strip, Strip line technologies on various substrates. Form factor design for Sub- modules and Amplifiers. CPRI/OBSAI protocol implementation for base station Radio's. Mixed Substrate designs implemented for 4 and 6 layer board.

Our focus in on technologies like WiMAX, LTE, WLAN, GSM, SDR

Present Solutions:
  • WiMAX/LTE Base station for Femto and Pico applications
  • Remote Radio Head design for WiMAX/LTE based on CPRI or OBSAI protocol
  • RF Front End module for CPE for WiMAX, WLAN, Proprietary Protocol
  • Quad band Handset Radio implementation
  • Patch Antenna
Our Design centers and experienced designers can provide the following services:
  • Systems Architecture
  • Engineering Specification
  • System Simulation with ideal and actual components
  • Circuit Matching with Microstip
  • Proven Board Design flow - Schematics to PCB
  • In-house PCB design - DFM/DFT, Cost sensitiveness
  • Experience in RF board design, high-speed board design, Signal integrity, EMI
  • Agency certification
  • System level definition - Mechanical, Power Supplies, Cabling
  • Program management
  • Customers